Loot Reward Coins: 0
Daily Achievement Points: 0
Daily Achievements Board
1. GoodGuest40
2. Connor20
3. AGS20

Play Classic! moderate difficulty
20-30 minute play time

Daily High Scores!

1. GoodGuest (PM)345,070,955
2. GoodGuest (C)332,755,727
3. AGS (C)248,324,873
4. Guest (PM)203,460,833
5. Lee Shau Kee1,010,000
6. Wang Jianlin959,500
7. Gerald Grosvenor909,000
8. Simon Reuben858,500
9. Joseph Lau808,000
10. Yang Huiyan757,500

Real Estate Empire Classic is a financial strategy game that is about having fun buying, fixing and managing real estate to try and make as much money as you can in 60 turns!

Play Houseflip! moderate difficulty
5-10 minute play time

Daily High Scores!

1. Frank Wright55,000,000
2. Joseph Eichler50,000,000
3. Cesar Pelli45,000,000
4. Michael Graves40,000,000
5. Le Corbusier35,000,000
6. Louis Sullivan30,000,000
7. Ray Eames25,000,000
8. Charles Eames20,000,000
9. Philip Johnson15,000,000
10. Buckminster Fuller10,000,000

Houseflip is a competitive game where you have limited actions to achieve your goal of having the most equity at the end of the game. Hit objectives and gain more actions!

Play Deck! easy difficulty
5-10 minute play time

Daily High Scores!

1. Mayme Stocker5,000
2. John Montagu4,900
3. Keith Taft4,800
4. Edward Thorp4,700
5. Ken Uston4,600
6. Stu Ungar4,500
7. Chip Reese4,400
8. Johnny Moss4,300
9. Alice Ivers4,200
10. Nick Dandalos4,100

A quick playing, strategy-light card game based upon the physical card game of the same name!