Sponsor Real Estate Empire for your town and reward your local players with a double LRC bonus when they play the game! Sponsors link in to this website and their players then see the sponsors brand prominently displayed through out the game.

The double LRC bonus allows those players to earn digital rewards faster while playing a fun strategy game that teaches players about the principles of real estate investing.*

Sponsorships are based upon city or town and are a very affordable way for a realtor to make their web site stand out. Pricing is $1 per 1,000 residents of the sponsored town. For example a town of 16,000 people would cost $16 a year to sponsor.

Sponsorships are exclusive by city and the current sponsor has right of first renewal at end of term before other interested parties are allowed to take over the sponsorship.


*Note that double LRC rewards don't make the game easier to play or confer a competitive advantage.
Have fun learning about real estate investment with Real Estate Empire 3™